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    These rules are subject to change at any time with or without prior notice. Players are responsible to familiarize themselves with all the following rules and to make frequent checks in case any changes are made. Any punishment given out to those unknowing of a rule or a change are at fault and are subject to the full extent of the rule broken.

  2. Following are the official rules governing the ItherioMC Network. We like to see our players enjoying their experiences on our services, so unfortunate some basic rules are necessary to ensure that each player has a fair and rewarding experience.

    We ask that you have a general level of respect for your fellow players. We're all here to have fun; in our own ways. We discourage blatant disrespect of other players. Even if you have ill feelings with another, lets try to be civil.

    In any event you feel someone around you has broken any of the rules, we ask that you report them to an online staff member, or to contact us through a support ticket on our Discord. If in any case you prefer to contact us through email, our email is but slower response times are to be expected.
Network Rules
  1. Bullying
    On ItherioMC, we try to support a strongly welcoming, open and inclusive community.

    With that in mind, we have a zero tolerance rule for absolutely anything that can be related to bullying. We will not tolerate any acts of bullying, badgering, demeaning behaviour, belittlement, denigration, or anything thereof related but not listed here.

    Punishment: Temp Mute Temp Ban(7 Day) Permanent Ban
  2. Discrimination
    The use of any form of discriminatory remark or slurs against a person(s) race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, mental capacity, disabilities or obvious remarks with the intent to instigate are unacceptable. We are a friendly server, and those ill willed will find we have a zero tolerance policy on this.

    Punishment: Temp Mute Temp Ban Permanent Ban
  3. Griefing
    Griefing of all forms is not tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to the intentional destruction of another players work, luring mobs to do the damage for you, stalking to kill(on a highly repetitive basis), water griefing, lava griefing, building walls around another players creation, building objects/symbols/signs with the intent to upset/offend/anger another player, placing growing/spreading blocks without permission, or enticing another player to do something against this or any other rule. Anything that can be seen as a form of griefing or encouraged griefing is not acceptable and will be dealt with on a per case basis.

    Punishment: DISCRETIONARY
  4. Language/Swearing
    Players are expected to act mature and behaved even in times of anger or frustration when it comes to the words they use in the chat. Vulgarity and foul language is ill-advised as we do have younger players! Any words blocked through the chat filter are unacceptable in any use, and using whatever means to bypass these filters is unacceptable. TRANSLITERATION is not tolerated. USE OF ANOTHER LANGUAGE TO SOLELY BREAK THIS RULE IS UNACCEPTABLE. If we find out, you will be faced with the consequences.

    Punishment: Warn Temp Mute(7 Day) Permanent Mute
  5. Hack-usations
    Spreading the word of a hacker. If you reveal the hacker in public chat, this could cause the hacker to stop hacking in which we can't punish them. If you believe someone is hacking please either record it and open a ticket on Discord, or message a staff member that is online and can review the situation and take the proper action.

    In any regard, openly calling out hackers potentially prevents them from being caught.

    Punishment: Warn Temp Mute
  6. Cheating/Hacking
    The use of any client mods, third-party programs or any other means to gain an unfair advantage over other players, easily find resources or mobs, fly, move faster than normal and everything that can be considered OUT OF THE NORMAL on any of our services is strictly prohibited. If you are caught hacking or cheating by any means the likely punishment is a ban, dependent on the staff issuing the punishment and their judgement.

    Use of any hack clients is strictly prohibited. Any use of XRAY will earn you an immediate ban.

    Punishment: Warn Permanent Ban
  7. Scamming
    Scamming is the act of deceiving another player out of something through an agreement made between both parties. This can include selling fake items, or otherwise gaining an unfair outcome through a deal or transaction made. Players caught willfully scamming other players for, but not limited to, in-game currency, items, real-world currency or items, is not allowed.

    Punishment: Temp Ban(3 Day) Temp Ban(7 day) Permanent Ban
  8. Bugs, Exploits & Glitches
    The abuse of any bugs, exploits, glitches or anything thereof is not allowed. This includes the same of any plugins on the server, and is not limited by, but including using plugins to hop around other rules on the server.

    Punishment: ADMIN DISCRETION
  9. Chargebacks
    You may not charge-back your account at any time. All support you provide the network is final. If you request a refund or do a charge-back, you will be permanently banned from the server, and we will deny your claim. (We may modify any of our content, including: prices (in-game and real cash) and the amount of a certain item at any time, without notice).

    If someone has bought something for you, and they initiate a charge back, don't worry! You wont be banned as well, but we will reclaim the chargeback from your account (Ranks, OP Items, Tags, etc) or the equivalent determined by an admin from your currency balance.

    Punishment: Permanent Ban