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    Benders OPFactions

    Hello Itherians! 👋 I am excited to announce that the ItherioMC team has decided to make a Benders OP Factions. The players are in complete control. What is Benders Minecraft? Most of you have probably heard of the Last Airbender. It allows the players to choose an element to *bend* as the...
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    ✮ Skyblock Eternity Server Rules ✮

    ✮ Skyblock Eternity Server Rules ✮ ⇾ Joining our servers constitutes automatic agreement to any server-specific rules, regardless of whether or not the end-user has read related rules or not. ⇾ Griefing is breaking, stealing from, or otherwise...
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    📌 Claiming Land

    Simple way - Stand in the middle of what you would like to claim and type - /claim radius [NUMBER] The [NUMBER] has to be over 10 or over and the larger the number, the more land that will be claimed around you. Alternate - Firstly mark out the corners of the land you want to claim. Type /claim...
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    ⚡ Leveling System

    What is the Leveling System? Our custom made level system is a unique plug-in made for players to help keep them busy. It works a lot like quests, but we can reset the levels at any time with new requirements. The leveling system gets harder each time you level up. The leveling system has a tag...
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    🔥 Coin System

    What are Coins? Coins are a rare currency that you can earn in-game by voting; 3 coins for voting, and chances to win in the vote crates, playing for one hour, leveling up using our custom level system, referring players, and using our daily/weekly/monthly rewards. There are opportunities for us...