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What are Coins?
Coins are a rare currency that you can earn in-game by voting; 3 coins for voting, and chances to win in the vote crates, playing for one hour, leveling up using our custom level system, referring players, and using our daily/weekly/monthly rewards. There are opportunities for us to have a discord event for you to win coins and other rare in-game items.

What Items Can I Purchase Using Coins?
There are several items that you can use to your advantage in-game.


All Items & What They Do:
1. Claim Blocks - We offer 5k, 10k, and 30k claim blocks to protect your items and land from griefing. Your claim blocks will automatically be updated once you purchase this item. If you have questions on how to claim land, please visit our Land Claiming Thread Here: [link]
2. Player Warp - A player warp allows you to use your creativity to create a warp for other players to visit. You can sell items using our quick shop [/qs] or EXP farm using our mob spawners that we offer.
3. Virtual Backpack - We offer all non-ranked players a chance to receive 1 free backpack using coins. This backpack does not clutter your inventory and things inside stay even after death. All backpacks start with 9 slots, however, if you have multiple backpacks, you're able to upgrade them all at the same time. [ALL GOD RANKS CAN HAVE UP TO 4 BACKPACKS]
4. Backpack Upgrade - All players can upgrade their backpack(s). If a player has multiple backpacks, all backpacks will be upgraded as one. First upgrade will allow you to have 18 slots. Second upgrade allows you to have 27 slots. Third upgrade allows you to have 36 slots. Fourth upgrade allows you to have 45 slots. Fifth upgrade will allow you to have 54 slots. [There will be six progress bar as the first upgrade is automatically added for 9 slots].
5. Additional SetHome - All non-ranked players are allowed one set home originally, but with this added to the coins shop, players can now upgrade to have two homes. Once you purchase this perk and/or upgrade your account, this perk will no longer be available for purchasing. It is a one time purchase.
6. White Scroll - Prevents an item from being destroyed due to a failed enchanted book.
7. Black Scroll - Removes a random enchantment from an item and converts it into a 100% success book.
8. Heal Yourself - Are you in danger of dying? Starving to death? Fall from a high place? No need to fear, heal yourself is here! Use this item to automatically revive your hearts.
9. Repair ALL Items - This allows players to repair all broken items in their inventory for one price.
10. Repair Your Item - This allows players to repair the item in their hand.
11. Rare Items Crate - Get various rare items in-game that take a lot longer to find.
12. Reinforced Crate - These items are more powerful than normal weapons. (Coming Soon!)
13. Fly Voucher - This voucher will allow players to use /fly for 60 minutes.
14. God Voucher - This voucher will allow players to use /god for 60 minutes.
14. Spawner Wrench - 1 use & 5 use; Collect any spawner by right-clicking them with this wrench and it will be immediately placed into your inventory.
15. Sell Wand - This wand will sell all contents of a container (chest or trapped chest).
16. 3x3 Trench Pickaxe - This pickaxe breaks a tunnel of 3x3 where only ores will be collected.
17. Harvester Hoe - Click on a block to harvest, replant seeds and turn dirt into farmlands.
18. Ultra Hopper -Use this item to separate inventory in chests using the item filter. You can upgrade suction, distance and links.

We give every new player 10 coins to start with and they accumulate more by playing in the server. Coins do not transfer between servers.

/coins shop - Opens the shop.
/coins - Sends a message with your coins balance.
/coins pay <player> <amount> - Transfer and/or pay other players in coins.
/bp <#1> - Opens your virtual backpack. (must be input /bp 1 or it will not work)

Is there something you want to see in our /coins shop? You can head over to our discord and make a suggestion. You can personally reach out to the owners and/or staff as well if you have plug-in proposals.

Discord: https://discord.gg/FXcTfJR

Happy Mining!
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