26/11/2020 ][ Recent Updates


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Today, 11:38
  • Added chat placeholders for sharing item in hand and inventories/ender chests
    • [item] to show your currently held item in chat as a hoverable message
    • [inventory] to show your current inventory in chat as a hoverable message
    • [ender] to show your ender chest in chat... you get it.
  • PVP, Killstreaks, and Bounties! Oh My!
    • Added various PVP functions to the server
      • Combat mode! Toggle with /togglepvp
      • Check your stats with /pvpstats
    • Killstreaks! Earn those rewards! Or thwart a KS for a little bonus!
      • Killstreaks currently set to 20
      • Stop another players' KS and earn a bonus reward!
    • Bounties! Put bounties on players with /bounty create
      • /bounty to view bounty information on a player
      • /bounty list to view bounties of currently online players
  • Updated AFK measures across servers
    • Players will be teleported to the HUB after 5 minutes of inactivity
    • After 10 minutes(totaling 15mins) of extra AFK time, players will be kicked from the network
As with any updates, please keep us notified of any bug, glitches, exploits or any other concerns you may have.

Happy mining!
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