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>>Joining our servers constitutes automatic agreement to any server-specific rules, regardless of whether or not the end-user has read related rules or not.

1) Griefing is breaking, stealing from, or otherwise destroying another player’s build(s) that you do not own. Theft is stealing items from another player that do not belong to you. This also applies to unclaimed builds. Scamming is willingly deceiving a player by sale or otherwise (this includes selling “fake” items at player shops.) This punishment time varies heavily on the severity of the grief/theft/scam. Note: if you have a public, unclaimed player warp, staff are not obligated to roll it back. EX: if you have a public farm and people do not replant, you take the liability onto yourself by allowing your player warp to be public use. | Minor: 1d Ban | Moderate: 3d Ban | Major: 7d Ban |
2) Using a hacked client, and/or disallowed modifications is NOT allowed. This includes: key-weighting (putting an item on your mouse/key) and command macros/AutoHotKey. Xraying is strictly against our rules. Note: Staff Discretion on severity of the offense. | 1st Offense: Warning | 2nd Offense: 7d Ban | 3rd Offense: Permanent Ban |
3) Foreign languages are okay on the server as long as they are out of the main public chat. However, as most staff (and players) are English speakers, please keep non-English out of the main chat. The staff is expected to moderate the English language, and other languages are difficult to moderate. | 1st Offense: Warning | 2nd Offense: Warning | 3rd Offense: 30m Mute |
4) Zero tick farms, as well as similar auto-harvesting contraptions, are not allowed. You will have twenty-four (24) hours to remove the build. If you fail to remove the build within the time-frame, we will remove the build without a refund. Repeat offenders may be removed from the server. Command Spamming is defined as using commands to spam users such as /msg or /tpa. Plugin Abuse is defined as using one of our plugins to break another rule. AFK Machines are defined as mechanisms that bypass our Anti-AFK measures, including putting an object on your keyboard while you are not actively watching the screen. The first offense is skipped if AFK machines are used. AFK Water Pool is not allowed. AFK Farming is not allowed. Note: Staff Discretion will take into effect depending on the number of offenses, and who intervenes (Owner, SrMod, Helper, etc) | 1st Offense: 24h to remove build | 2nd Offense: Removal w/no refund (Mod+ discretion on further punishment.)
5) You may not post, boost or promote other servers in-game, through discord or forums. Sending another server’s IP address or encouraging our players to play on another server other than ItherioMC. This includes links to non-Itherio related websites, servers, etc. Keep all links in-game strictly related to our server. | 1st Offense: Warning | 2nd Offense: Mod+ Discretion: most likely permanent ban |
6) Using a glitch, hacked client or other forms of exploit to dupe items. If you are aware of a glitch or bug, report it on the forums or on Discord through the support ticket system. | 1st Offense: Admin Discretion |
7) Targets, continual harassment of a player. This can be expedited by attacking players on other networks. (Discord, social media), as well as having a history in the past. Speaking sexually toward another player. This includes, but is not limited to, jokes that make a player uncomfortable, continually discussing sexual behavior, role-playing, etc. The punishment time varies on the severity of the situation. | 1st Offense: Admin Discretion |
8) Having an in-game username that is inappropriate and breaks on of our other rules. Using /nick to give yourself a name that breaks one of the rules. Impersonating another player (or staff member) with your nickname falls under this rule. Slurs will result in a much more severe punishment. Creating a build of something generally indecent. This includes, but not limited to, genitalia, swastikas, concentration camps, “cotton field,” etc. The punishment time varies heavily on the severity and detail of the build. No hate speech or slurs are allowed, and no excessive swearing or inappropriate conduct. Any signs in public spaces, with swearing or other additions that break any of our other rules, will be removed and you will be punished. Any inappropriately named items we find during rollbacks and/or patrolling will be confiscated and you will be punished. | 1st Offense: Warning |2nd Offense: 3d Ban | 3rd Offense: 7d Ban |

9) Being discriminatory to another user’s race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, age, disability, or form of beliefs. This rule also covers racial, sexual, ableist and other forms of slurs. The punishment time varies heavily on the severity of the situation. | 1st Offense: Helper+ Discretion |

You may not charge-back your account at any time. All sales are final! If you request a refund or do a charge-back, you will be permanently banned from the server, and we will deny your claim. [We may modify any of our content, including: prices (in-game and real cash) and the amount of a certain item. | 1st Offense: Permanent Ban |
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